Calculate Motorcycle Insurance

How to calculate motorcycle insurance?

How to calculate motorcycle insurance?

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Motorcycle insurance can cost anywhere from about a hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars a year. When the open road calls, you might want to answer that call. But you will need to insure your motorcycle first.

This extra layer of protection is essential to protect you and your bike, but how much does motorcycle insurance cost? What determines how much you will pay for it? Let's take a look at how to put insurance rates together to cover you and your motorcycle.

How is motorcycle insurance calculated?

Many variables go into determining a motorcycle insurance premium, and knowing them can help you understand how the quote is structured. Similar to auto insurance, the coverage options you select for motorcycle insurance can affect how much you'll pay in a monthly or yearly premium. These factors can be major factors affecting the average cost of covering your motorcycle:

Your actual location

Riding conditions vary across the United States because some areas and states have limited motorcycle season - such as those that experience snowy and cold winters - insurance may be less expensive. However, riders in convenient riding locations throughout the year may find higher premiums.

Make your bike, year and model

You know that the value of your motorcycle will significantly affect the cost of your insurance. Covering a new first-rate model will cost more than an old used motorcycle.

Motorbike use

Do you ride your motorcycle for leisure or to commute between work or school? If you are a recreational rider, you will want to tell your dealer because the prices are usually lower for people who only use their bikes occasionally.

The year you were born

Your age, like your location, can also be a factor in the cost of motorcycle insurance. But as you will find in the discounts section, we have ways to help you save on your coverage, regardless of your age.

Record your ride and drive

You will find that your premium can also be affected by your driving record. This can include the number of claims, accidents, and tickets you've got in the last few years.

The way you customized your journey

If you've modified your bike in a way that adds value, you'll need to protect those upgrades with proper coverage. We can add coverage to help protect your bike and all the ways you built it yourself. From sports bikes to classic helicopters, we've got you covered.

The type of coverage you choose

Whether you want the minimum coverage your state requires - or if you prefer more protection and peace of mind - the amount of coverage you choose affects the cost of your insurance.

What additional motorcycle coverage is available?

Finding extra protection for your money and your ride is easy with American Family. We'll help you find peace of mind with insurance that pushes its boundaries.

Collision coverage

This coverage helps protect you in many ways above your standard policy. This includes coverage such as damage from an accident with a vehicle or something else.

Comprehensive coverage

This coverage protects your motorcycle from damage that does not involve other vehicles - such as theft, vandalism, and animal strikes.

Roadside emergency service

When your bike breaks down or just runs out of fuel, we'll call in a service technician to help - or even pull your bike if needed. It's inexpensive coverage that can really pay off when help is hard to find.

Cover medical expenses

Get help paying for medical costs if you get hurt while riding in a car.

Insurance for uninsured drivers

This coverage protects you in the event that you or someone riding a motorbike is injured in an accident caused by an uninsured vehicle or a driver who collides and runs away.

Uninsured driver coverage.

This coverage helps with paying the balance when another driver is at fault and does not carry enough insurance.

How can you lower the rates for motorcycle insurance?

There are many different ways that you can take advantage of American Family motorcycle insurance discounts to avoid price hikes. Popular motorbike discounts we offer include:

Multiple course discount

Do you have more than one bike? If so, you can save on your policy with this discount.

Continuous coverage deduction

Not having gaps in motorcycle insurance coverage and keeping your bike protected in the off-season can give you this discount on your policy.

Motorcycle safety course discount

Taking a motorcycle safety course offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is another way you can provide it in your policy.

More methods of memorization

From safe cycling practices to no paperwork, check out these additional discounts that can help you save on motorbike insurance:

- Additional safety features, such as anti-lock brakes
- Pay your premium in full
- Subscribe to automatic payments
- The more years you have spent riding the course, the more discount you will get

Other factors can play a role in the price of the motorcycle insurance premium and the discounts for which you are eligible. Talk to an American family insurance agent and download the MyAmFam app below to find the best plan for you and your bike. Then hit the open road and enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that motorcycle insurance coverage provides.

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