Find out how to reduce your health insurance


Ways to reduce your health insurance

Ways to reduce your health insurance

When you apply for our health insurance, you can enhance or reduce your basic coverage, depending on your budget, and what is important to you.

What is cover in inpatient, day patient, and outpatient?

Knowing the difference is key when it comes to understanding what your document covers, so here's some refresh:

Day Patient: This is where you do not need to stay overnight in the hospital for treatment, although you may need a day bed if you undergo minor surgery.

Inpatient: This is if you have been admitted to a hospital ward for treatment and care, and need a bed for one or more nights while you are undergoing tests, treatment, or surgery.

What does our base cover include?

Acute conditions

Our health insurance is designed for new illnesses, illnesses, and injuries that are likely to respond quickly to treatment, known as acute conditions - such as elbow pain and respiratory infections.

Inpatient fee and specialist fee

If you are admitted to the hospital as an inpatient, your meals, accommodation, nursing care, medications, dressings, and theater fees will be covered for the eligible treatment.

Cancer care

If you are diagnosed with cancer, we will pay hospital fees for the surgery and medical admission. Treatment - including radiotherapy.

Outpatient treatment

Outpatient consultations and treatment with a specialist are included, as well as diagnostic tests such as blood tests, X-rays, scans, and some treatments including physical therapy, orthopedics, chiropractic, and some mental health support.

Inpatient and day-patient treatment

We'll pay for things like hospital fees, specialist fees, diagnostic tests, and NHS cash benefits if you stay in an NHS bed.

Other benefits

Here's what's also included in our base cover.

. Home nursing

. Private ambulance

. Parent's residence, if your child is 15 years old or younger and is being treated in a hospital

. Donate £ 70 per day for up to 10 days

. Speech therapy referred by a pediatric general practitioner, of up to two sessions

. A child bonus of £ 100 for every child born or adopted within a year of birth

. NHS cash advantage of £ 100 per night, for up to 30 nights. Although if you choose the NHS six-week option, this benefit is not available if you can get your NHS treatment during that time.

. Stress Counseling Helpline

How to increase your coverage level

You can choose to enhance your base cover using any of these add-ons:

. Dental and ophthalmic cover: for accidental dental injuries, routine dental treatment, and visual expenditures

. Mental health: inpatient and day-patient treatment of acute mental conditions

. Expanded hospital list: Upgrade from the Expert Select Hospital or the Major Hospitals list to the expanded Hospital List to include additional hospitals in Greater London

. Other treatments and treatments: physiotherapy referred by a GP, orthotics, chiropractors, and acupuncture, for things like sports injuries and skin after an accident

. Deduction of no claim is protected

How to reduce your coverage

If you want to reduce your premiums by removing some of the benefits, you can choose from these:

. Policy Excess: Pay a specified amount for the cost of the claim

. Less comprehensive hospital option: Choose from our list of featured hospitals, if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, or the list of trusted hospitals that includes the NHS Trust and Partnership and private hospital units, if you live within the pool area.

. Reduced outpatient coverage: You can choose to reduce outpatient coverage to reduce your insurance premiums

How do you know what level of health coverage is right for you?

If you cannot decide whether you want improved or reduced coverage more, then perhaps consider what concerns you most when it comes to your health and care. Is Rapid Diagnosis high on your list? Are you happy to use the NHS for some services, if you can be seen within six weeks? If budget is a critical factor, you can try adding or removing options when you get a quote, so see how it affects your premiums.
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