Top style tips for men

Top style tips for men

Top style tips for men

A man’s elegance depends mainly on choosing the right clothes and coordinating colors, in addition to accessories and some small details, such as glasses and watches, and of course, along with hairstyles.

And for every man seeking to be more attractive and elegant, here are the most important tips that put you on the beginning of the right path.

1- Pay attention to elegance before fashion

Just following the latest fashion does not mean that you become attractive and elegant and presentable. Focus most of your efforts on choosing clothes that best suit your body shape and personality, whether you like a conservative style or a modern style.

2- Yes, the style of dressing reveals your personality

Certainly, I heard and said phrases like "appearances deceit" and "beauty is the beauty of the soul" (and I am sure of that too), but this does not mean that you neglect your clothes and wait for people to look at your essence.

Your way of dressing says something about your personality, whether you want it or not, especially for people you do not know personally.

3- Wearing clothes according to the occasion

For every occasion the clothes that go with it, jeans are not suitable for weddings or exercise, and shorts will not be a suitable choice in winter.
A job interview requires a formal suit or at least semi-formal clothes, while Casual, it is completely forbidden.

4- Choose socks

Socks are small details, but they may make a big difference, so pay attention to them and the way their colors coordinate with the color of the pants.
Make sure to buy socks in a variety of colors, especially white, black, brown and beige. And don't wear white socks with sandals or flip-flops.

5- The consistency of clothes and colors

Color and harmony are key to elegance and charm, but not all pieces should be the same or the same color. In general, the color of the belt should match the color of the shoes, the color of the tie with the upper jacket pocket, and the socks with the trousers.
Nevertheless, these rules can be easily broken But consciously.

6- Clothes sizes

The most important thing that you must make sure of when buying new clothes is that they fit your size and body shape.
As for the jacket, its sleeves should end at the wrist, not under it, and it is preferable that the width of the jacket form a V-shape at the leg's torso, so that it is not wide.
As for the pants, their ends should be at the area between the middle and the top of the shoe from the back, neither longer than that nor shorter. And if the jeans are longer than that, you should adjust them or at least fold them.
And you must choose clothes that match your body shape and skin tone.

7- Accessories

Many men do not prefer to wear any accessories, but they may give a simple artistic touch to a man's elegance.
Try to wear some men's accessories, such as: necktie, hat, wedding ring, wristwatch, glasses, cufflinks, and others.
But always remember not to overdo it. You shouldn't be wearing all of the types mentioned, but 3 of them will suffice.

8- Hairstyle

It is not possible to talk about men's elegance without addressing the method of hairstyling, even for those who suffer from hair loss or have thin hair.
The final saying here is that it does not matter how much hair you have or how thick it is, but what is important is what do you do with it, and does it suit your appearance or not?
Choose a hairstyle that suits the shape of your face, and if the face is long, choose a hairstyle that does not increase it in length, but increases its width until you reach balance, and so on.

- For people with thinning hair or baldness, the best hairstyle for them is to shorten the hair as much as possible, so that the hair on the sides is never long.

- You don't need to wash your hair every day, unless you use a lot of creams, oils and hair care products. Even after exercising, rinsing your hair with some warm water may suffice. This is because washing the hair strips it of the natural oils that keep it safe.

- Make sure to change your hairstyle whenever you see fit, and the basic rule that we repeat here is that: Hair always grows. Do not deny yourself trying a new haircut, because if you do not like it, you can simply change it the following month.

9- It is not a requirement that you spend a lot

You don't have to spend a million dollars; To look like a man with a million dollars. A shiny black shoe with blue jeans, a white button-down shirt, slightly folded sleeves and a good wristwatch are the perfect look for a stylish young man.

10- Calm and confident

Whatever you wear, you will not be attractive unless you are confident in yourself. This does not mean arrogance towards people, but on the contrary, kindness, respect and good treatment of people are the true signs of a self-confident man.

11- Yours first

Dressing well should be the first place; Because you want it and because you like to see yourself looking good. Of course, attention to the opinion of others is an important factor in choosing clothes, but in the end it is your life.
Clothes will not change your personality, but they can help you communicate your personality to others and improve your image for them.
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