The most important exercises to improve erection

The most important exercises to improve erection

The most important exercises to improve erection

There is no doubt that having erectile dysfunction exercises is a safe lifeline for many men. This is because erectile dysfunction exercises are considered one of the most effective and safe methods used in treating many cases of erectile dysfunction that afflict many men around the world of different ages and age groups, so the problem of erectile dysfunction is among the sexual medical conditions that cannot be limited to its causes or shortness of infection, For the elderly only.

And because the erection improvement exercises represented by some exercises possess very effective and wonderful medicinal properties for treating erectile dysfunction, the following report will highlight the most important information that deals with erectile improvement exercises along with some facts about the problem of erectile dysfunction.

1- The most important exercises to improve erection

Pelvic exercise to improve erection

Among the most important erection improvement exercises ever are; It not only works to strengthen the pelvic muscles and the trunk as well as the small muscles surrounding the penis, but also works to stretch the lower back muscles and gain great flexibility, and the pelvic exercise enhances blood circulation and increases its activity and efficiency. This ensures a better and stronger blood flow from the body to the penis during the erection process.

Kegel exercises to strengthen erections

An erection enhancement exercise that has many sexual and physical benefits for men; It enhances and strengthens the pelvic muscles and raises the degree of sexual ability by supporting endurance and definitely eliminating erectile dysfunction and contributing to the treatment of premature ejaculation among the main benefits of medical Kegel exercises.

Besides the exercises in the previous video related to Kegel exercises, there is a simpler picture of practicing this exercise, by controlling the flow of urine by causing a contraction in the pelvic muscles, and then back to the relaxation position, and then again the man works by contracting the pelvic muscles again, Provided that the process is repeated, whether during urination or in the normal case, with a number ranging between 10 and 20 contractions during the day.

Foot elevation exercise to improve erection

Besides strengthening the lower abdominal muscles, this type of erection improvement exercises mainly aims to enhance blood circulation and increase the efficiency of blood flow from the body to the penis to ensure that the erection process occurs in a more powerful way in addition to strengthening the pelvic muscles along with the secondary muscles surrounding the penis and strengthening and supporting The man has more control over the ejaculation process.

Knee exercises to improve erection

Among the simple erection improvement exercises that have a great effect on the lower pelvic muscles, which is the most important key in maintaining blood flow to the penis and ensuring a successful erection due to the pressure of those muscles located in the pelvic floor on the cardiac veins located in the areas surrounding the penis, which is This prevents blood from leaving the penis; What ensures the completion of an erection process, the lower pelvic muscles are the muscles whose weakness mainly affects the strength and efficiency of sexual performance for men and the validity of the erection during sexual intercourse.

2- What are the main causes that lead to erectile dysfunction?

The practice of erection improvement exercises is among the most important effective therapeutic steps in treating the erectile dysfunction problem that affects men due to the following problems:

- Obesity.

- Cardiovascular disease.

- Prostate cancer

- brain attack.

- Lack of metabolism efficiency.

- Smoking of all kinds.

- Lethargy and lack of any physical activity or exercise.

- Stress and insomnia.

3- Erection improvement exercises or medical treatments?

In fact, the role of practicing erection enhancement exercises comes as a supportive and supportive role for the medical treatment process in the event of obtaining medical advice. Exercising to improve erection exercises shortens the period of medical treatment, increases the effectiveness of medical drugs prescribed by doctors, and ensures that men enjoy a stronger and longer erection.

4- Are there other exercises to improve erection?

According to recent medical studies dealing with the study of erection enhancement exercises, the specialists in charge of the study found that practicing exercises such as swimming, jogging, cycling, as well as boxing and rowing for a period of at least 40 minutes, 3 times every 7 days and for a period of at least 6 months, plays a prominent role in strengthening Erection process.

5- Erection improvement diet and exercises

Certainly, a man will not feel the results of erectile dysfunction exercises without adopting a healthy and balanced diet that contains all nutrients, vitamins and beneficial elements, and is devoid as possible of salt, sugar and harmful fats, which are substances that play a prominent role in raising the possibility of developing erectile dysfunction in the medium term among men.
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