seven wonderful tourist countries

seven wonderful tourist countries

seven wonderful tourist countries


 Dubai is one of the busiest areas in the United Arab Emirates and the reason for this is that it is a transit hub for international travelers, and this lively city seeks to be the best and always the largest, so the visitor will find that it contains the tallest buildings on the planet, and Dubai enjoys the area between The desert and the Arabian Gulf with the sunshine that reaches its shores all year round, in addition to the availability of many commercial centers, and the visitor can experience all kinds of excitement and fun, starting with jumping from the plane over the Palm Jumeirah to seeing the amazing city from Burj Khalifa, which is classified as the tallest tower in the world.


  Bali is known as the most famous among a group of islands in Indonesia, where visitors can enjoy diving experiences, snorkeling, and enjoy the beaches, in addition to the possibility of water skiing, it is worth noting that the weather in Bali is warm throughout the world. But there are annual monsoons in the region.


  France has many coasts overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and on the other hand on the Mediterranean, which is the reason that makes it distinct without the rest of the countries around the world. France is the third-largest country in Europe, and it brings together a group of diverse cultures and different landscapes. The Eiffel Tower, which was built in 1889 and which is based on showing a lot about the French heritage from the places that contributed to the highlight of France, and the Palace of Versailles is considered one of the most attractive places for tourists due to the gardens surrounding it that Louis XIV built.


  Tourists can go to it at any time, so there is no bad time to visit it, and the reason for this is due to the diversity of geography and climate in it. It is the ideal option, as for the summer, it is the peak season of tourism in Italy, where tourists can go to the beaches, which include many activities in the summer.


  China is the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world. It is one of the countries that is distinguished by its rich and unique culture, as it has a group of tourist attractions that attract tourists to it, and the most important of which are: The Great Wall of China, which provides a wonderful and picturesque view of the region; It is located on a high mountain top, in addition to that it includes the Reed Flute Caves, which are considered one of the most visited places for tourists; The cave, which is about 240 meters long, is distinguished by its formations and attractive colored lights.


  Spain receives more than 60 million visitors annually, as it ranks third among countries in terms of the number of tourists, famous for its cities, especially Madrid and Barcelona, which are visited by tourists when visiting the country, in addition to its charming buildings and architectural designs, and we do not forget the delicious Spanish food that it is famous for.

United State

 The United States is one of the tourist destinations that are frequently visited by tourists, especially on holidays; It is one of the countries with a picturesque and charming nature; The country is famous for its wonderful beaches, snowy mountains, and a very large collection of beautiful landmarks, including Central Park, Kennedy Space Center, Saguaro National Park, Golden Gate Park, and others. The visitor can also visit some states that are distinguished by their culture, festivals, and tourist attractions, such as New York City, which includes the famous Statue of Freedom, Ellis Island, and others.

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