natural beauty tips

natural beauty tips

natural beauty tips

eat breakfast

 One of the important beauty tips is to keep eating breakfast, which is a physical and mental fuel for a person, as it contributes to maintaining the level of sugar in the blood in addition to maintaining a healthy weight because it makes a person feel full for a long time.

Drinking water

  One of the important beauty tips is to keep drinking large quantities of water, and the reason for this is that the human body consists mostly of water, which in turn cleans the body's systems naturally, including the digestive system, and helps to expel toxins from the body through urine and sweat.

sleeping for enough

  One of the important beauty tips is sleeping for enough hours, as it is recommended to sleep for at least seven hours per day, and it is preferable to sleep for a period of 8-9 hours per day, in order to get a fresh and bright appearance, as sleep is useful in cell division And the release of growth hormones, which makes it important for youthfulness, relaxation and a beautiful appearance.

Take care of the skin

 One of the important beauty tips is to take care of the skin in all its forms, permanently and continuously, by cleaning and moisturizing it daily, and it is recommended to apply various face masks twice or three times per week and masks must be chosen according to the type of skin, and attention should be paid to the body and skin exfoliation regularly, In addition to avoiding excessive use of makeup, as it causes many different skin problems such as pimples and pigmentations in the skin caused by foundation or concealer cream, and it is recommended to spray a spray of cold water on the face every morning and evening for about ten seconds, in order to close Skin pores naturally.

Avoid anxiety and Stress

  Because negative feelings lead to higher cortisol, and thus less collagen, which leads to dry skin and wrinkles.

Wipe the skin with a gentle cleanser

  A woman can preserve and increase her beauty by taking care of cleansing her skin by using a suitable cleanser for the skin to remove any product or type of make-up, and it also helps to remove natural skin oils, bacteria and any kind of dirt from it, and it is preferable to leave the use of soap because it has a high pH and can It makes the skin prone to irritation and infection, and skin cleansers help maintain the perfect balance of the skin, and the use of sodium lauryl sulfate should be avoided because it is very harsh on the skin.

Choose suitable products for the skin,

  You must choose the appropriate product for the skin according to its type, whether it is oily, dry, mixed, or normal, as it is recommended to wash the face twice a day, and then use a moisturizer suitable for the type of skin, and the skin must be rubbed gently; Because excessive rubbing Irritation it, and it is also advised not to sleep with makeup. Because it causes clogging of the pores of the skin, but in the event of black or whiteheads, special strips are used to cleanse the pores.
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