How to strengthen the Wifi signal for mobile

How to strengthen the Wifi signal for mobile

How to strengthen the Wifi signal for mobile

If you feel that surfing the Internet and downloading programs has become slow and the Wi-Fi network is not working on your smartphone perfectly, then you may try several of the following methods to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal for the mobile.

 strengthen the Wifi signal for mobile

 strengthen the Wifi signal for mobile

There are many tricks and smart programs that can be followed to strengthen and enhance the Wi-Fi signal on smartphones, whether they are running on Android or iPhone.

* Try to install a metal object or a can of soda in close contact with your smartphone, which helps to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal.

* The smartphone cover may weaken the device's Wi-Fi network; So try to remove your phone from its case, and notice the difference in the Wi-Fi signal.

- Change the Wi-Fi frequency to 5GHz routers, which gives the largest and fastest Wi-Fi signal coverage; To change the frequency to 5 GHz, follow these steps:

- Go to Settings

- Choose Wi-Fi

- Choose Advanced

- Tap on Wi-Fi Frequency Band

- Finally, choose Auto.

* Choose an ideal place to place the router, in order to get the largest amount of Wi-Fi signal; The WiFi Analyzer app can also be used to help choose the ideal location for your router without the need for an expert or specialist.

* You can also use many programs to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal reception of Samsung and Android phones, the most famous of which are.


The universal application helps to test Wi-Fi and Internet speed on Android phones with one click of a button; The application also provides a comparison between a group of the most powerful networks to choose the best between them.

Super WiFi Manager

The application provides a set of professional tools that help to check and analyze Wi-Fi networks on Android phones to reach the problem that causes the Wi-Fi signal to slow down, and solve it within a few minutes.

In addition to showing many important information about your Wi-Fi connection such as connection strength, IP address, access point address, connection speed to the access point; The application is available free of charge on the Play Store.

Wi-Fi Doctor - Speed & Safe

The application offers a set of solutions for emergency Wi-Fi problems and crashes with one click, in addition to testing the speed of servers and resetting the DHCP protocol.

Not only that, but the application monitors the operation of other applications that use the Internet connection; And update the status of your connection to the Wi-Fi network.

The app provides a feature to add it as a widget on the home screen of your smart device and as an App Widget.

Wi-Fi booster for iPhone

iPhone owners are exposed to many Wi-Fi problems, including a slow network. Here are some programs and tricks to get rid of this problem in just a few minutes.

* iPhone phones provide a new feature that enables its users to speed up the Wi-Fi network, by combining it with the data package, by following the following steps

- Go to Settings

- Choose "cellular"

- Activate the "Wi-Fi assistant" button, to greatly increase the speed of the Wi-Fi.

* DNS is one of the biggest problems that cause weak and disrupt the Wi-Fi network, so technology experts advise changing the DNS settings as a quick solution to the Wi-Fi problem.

To get a fast DNS server, you must change its default settings to another more efficient server. Experts recommend using Google's DNS server, which is:

An Open DNS address can also be used as a secondary solution

How to change DNS on iPhone phones?

- Enter the settings

- Wi-Fi network selection

- Click on the information button that appears in the form of "i", then we put the aforementioned DNS address.

Wi-Fi booster program for iPhone

Speed Up Net for iPhone

It is one of the most popular internet acceleration apps for iPhone on iPhones and all other iOS devices.
The application is characterized by providing many exceptional features, including the detection of devices connected to the Wi-Fi network in addition to the IP address.
Show network strength and connection speed; In addition to securing the information and data of Wi-Fi users; The application also displays open Wi-Fi networks and arranging them according to their strength, and the degree of safety and protection for each network.
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