How to hide your thinness by your clothes

How to hide your thinness by your clothes

How to hide your thinness by your clothes

The thin man

Many men suffer from excessive thinness and this may cause them anxiety and lack of self-confidence. If you suffer from this problem, you should know the causes of thinness and refer to the doctor for its treatment. From 18.5, you can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. If the result is between 16 to 18.5, you suffer from thinness, and if the indicator is less than 16 then you suffer from excess skinniness. The normal body mass index is from 18.5 to 25, and There are many reasons behind the extra thin, and the most important of them:

- Family history: Heredity plays the biggest role in regards to skinniness. Many people may be underweight and spread in their family, and pass it on to them from generation to generation.

- Physical activity: If you are a sports person, you are at risk of being thinner due to the great physical activity you perform, and you can observe skinny runners, because they burn large calories while running.

- High metabolism: You may suffer from high rates of burning, it is possible that you will not gain weight, despite eating high-calorie foods, due to the rapid and active burning in your body.

- Mental diseases: the presence of mental problems may cause your inability to eat, and other disorders, anxiety and depression can lead to a loss of appetite, and thus weight loss.

- Chronic diseases: These diseases can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea in the patient and thus loss of appetite and weight. Examples of these diseases are: colitis, cancer, thyroid disorders, and diabetes.

How to hide your thinness when wearing clothes?

You may be among the men who do not prefer their slim stature, it is a good idea to tell you that choosing the right colors, fabrics, and models will reduce your slimness:


- Choose heavy clothes, especially in winter.
- Choose horizontal, patterned and patterned clothing that helps draw attention to width, and be sure to avoid wearing vertical striped clothing.
- Choose clothes with thick fabric, as it helps to make your body look fatter, and you can also choose rough clothing.

- Choose decorative fabrics and stay away from smooth fabrics, as the smooth fabrics give a thinner look.


Choose light-colored clothes and stay away from darker colors, you can choose light blue, yellow, white and green that will help you appear a little fatter.

models clothes:

- Choose the appropriate size for clothes, as the wide and loose pants, will make you see your skinny waist, and you can also use the belt to flatten your pants.

- Avoid jeans with straight or skinny legs, as it will show your legs thin.

- Wear many layers of clothing, especially at the top, and you can put on the shirt and on top of it a short jacket and another longer one, this will help to show you fatter.

- Stay away from clothes with very large or very tight sleeves, as the tight sleeve shows the slimness of your hands and the very wide sleeves show you lose weight.

- Choose clothes with a high neck and tight, as it can reduce the length and thin of your neck.

Thinness risks

  Excessive thinness may pose many risks, so you should see a doctor and know the reasons for treating it, and the risks that excessive thinness causes:

- Osteoporosis: If you are a skinny person, you are more likely to develop osteoporosis than others, according to studies conducted in 2016.

- Problems in teeth, skin and hair: Skinny people do not get enough nutrients and therefore can suffer from hair loss and dental problems.

- Immune deficiency: The lack of nutrients in the body will make your body unable to fight infection, thus increasing diseases such as influenza.

- General fatigue: lack of calories is the reason for fatigue; As calories are the measure of energy responsible for activity and movement.

- Anemia: You may experience permanent hypotension due to excessive thinness, and consequently many symptoms such as fatigue, headache and dizziness appear.

- Slow growth: Doctors call it growth failure, and you may need nutritional supplements to strengthen the body and bones.

Treating excessive thinness

  Thinness can be treated with a few steps that improve your health:

- Eat more food, as you can eat five to six meals instead of two meals.

- Focus on foods that contain nutrients. You can eat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

- Drink milk and useful natural juices. Flaxseeds can be added to the juices and dispense with caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea.

- If you are one of those people who lose their appetite when eating juices before meals, you can drink them half an hour after meals.

- Eat snacks meals like peanuts, avocados, and dried fruits.

- You can do some exercises that help you gain weight, such as strength exercises that help build muscle.

It may interest you

 some men may have difficulty choosing the right hairdo, especially if they suffer from excessive thinness, and Among the hairdos that can be followed to reduce the thinness:

- Shortening hair, the story can be non-modern, but it is suitable for slimming.

- You can lengthen your hair and lower it on your forehead, and you can let your hair drop spontaneously in a way that gives more beauty.

- You can cut your hair into special layers if your hair is wavy.

- You can lift your hair in the middle, cut and shorten the sides.

- You can style your hair with a side hairdo, so it reduces your skin tone and makes you more beautiful.

- Attach your long hair to the ponytail.

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