Hide body imperfections with clothes

Hide body imperfections with clothes

Hide body imperfections with clothes

The right choice for clothes

 We all search in the catalogs and see the new and attractive clothing styles, but when we fall in love with any of these pieces of clothing, what prevents us from wearing them is the shape and type of our body that does not fit with these luxurious and exciting pieces, some of us need clothes to hide flatulence, Others need clothes that hide the short arms or legs, or hide the accumulated fat in the abdomen, and all these problems may be experienced by the man, which causes him to search for clothes that suit his body shape; The most important thing about choosing clothes is not buying beautiful and precious clothes, but choosing clothes that are appropriate to the shape of the body and hide its imperfections. The easiest solution is to hide these faults by choosing the right clothes that show the man's personality and make him modern, confident, and at ease.

Hide body blemishes with clothing

  Many men suffer from the presence of prominent or undesirable areas in the body such as the abdomen, and these people always seek to hide the defects of these areas of the body, and there is an easy way to hide these defects, which is choosing the appropriate clothes for the body, entering the gym is not always the only solution to this problem There are a number of steps that can help you, as a man, hide your unwanted body defects, including:

- skinny arms: When you have two skinny arms, you can draw attention away from it by wearing a T-shirt with a V-neck slit or a button on the neck. Thicker fabrics can also be worn especially when wearing long-sleeved shirts.

- Excess weight in the chest area: Some men may suffer from the problem of excess weight in the chest area and this may be annoying for them, in this case you can choose shirts with high collar, and stay away from light fabrics, the more the fabrics sticking around the chest area will highlight the fat more.

- Belly full and distended: Many men suffer from a large stomach problem and a bloated abdomen. The solution to this problem is choosing clothes with heavy fabrics. Light fabrics will accentuate the unwanted abdomen layers. Choose loose shirts that will hide your stomach and puffy belly.

- Small foot: It is difficult to deal with small feet, especially for men, because it is difficult to find the right size and these small sizes will not look attractive to the man, and you can solve this problem by obtaining shoes intended for small feet, or asking the shoemaker to make shoes slightly longer and at the same time Size fits you.

- Long torso and short legs: To solve this problem you can wear shirts that accentuate the waist and insert it into trousers that reach your waist, and wearing shirts that differ in color from the pants add height to your legs, and you can wear shirts without buttons.

- Long legs and a short body: You can stay away from wearing jeans at the waist level, and do not use the color contrast method, which is wearing light-colored pants and a dark color shirt or vice versa because that will show how high your legs are, and you can wear shirts and jackets with a little long waist that reach below the waist.

Clothes suitable for the shape of the man's body

  Each man is distinguished by a body shape that differs from the other. There are several types of body shape for a man and accordingly, they can choose the appropriate clothes for them, and the body shapes of men and the clothes that suit them are:

- The shape of the oval body: It is one of the most common forms of the body among men, and this shape is characterized by wide shoulders and a thin chest along with a wide waist and slim hips, so owners of this form of the body try to reduce the wide waist, and this can be done by wearing dark pieces and clothing with vertical lines.

- Rectangle body shape: this body is easy to handle; It is characterized by the presence of harmony between the hip and the waist, and it is possible to resort to clothes with printed or embroidered clothes, and to stay away from clothes with vertical lines because it will increase the sharpness of the rectangular shape.

- Triangle body shape: It is similar to the oval shape in terms of a wide waist, but with a much narrow shoulder area, so you should stay away from the use of dark colors, and try to accentuate the upper half of the body and narrow the lower half.

- Trapezoid body shape: It is characterized by wide shoulders, wide chest and narrow waist, and most types of clothes are suitable for this shape.

- Inverted Triangle Body Shape: It is the ideal shape for a man's body, and this type of body is owned by athletes or those who spend a long time in gyms and sports clubs, this shape is suitable for most clothing, but shirts tend to sag quickly in the upper part of the body, and to show the true beauty of the body Polo shirts can be worn with a long neck, which draws attention to the chest and makes the shoulders look smaller, and tailors can be used to ensure all pieces are suitable for you.

It may interest you

 How do you look fit despite your obesity? When we see a person who is overweight and plays soccer or golf, we may feel a bit surprised, but being overweight does not always mean that a person must be lacking physical fitness or agility, in order to appear fit despite your obesity and to reduce the risk of obesity-related illnesses. People with a BMI between 29.9 and 34.9 should not have a waist size of more than 40 inches, and people who have excess weight can be in good health and be fit in At the same time, if they maintain their waist size at a level of 40 inches or less and if they do not have one or more of the following diseases: High blood pressure, high blood sugar, and a high percentage of fat. Non-smoking is an important indicator of being fit and healthy despite being overweight, so health organizations recommend that people who are overweight should maintain their weight and not gain more weight, but preferably lose several more pounds.

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