Wonderful floors for your home décor

Wonderful floors for your home décor

Wonderful floors for your home décor

Flooring is one of the basic elements in home decor, many types, materials, and different shapes are available. Choosing the floor decor gives the home luxury and sophistication, but it is necessary to harmonize with the rest of the decoration. Some use ceramics and porcelain. Each type of material that is used on the floors has defects, features, and specific criteria. What suits the sitting room may not be suitable for the children's room and the kitchen room, so before choosing the materials for the floor, it is necessary to define the function of each room.

In this article, we will talk about the best floors that you can decorate your home with, as follows:


Porcelain is considered one of the basic materials used in the floor. It is characterized by its multiple forms, very hard, easy to install, permanent gloss and heat resistance, and used for all places.


Ceramic is one of the raw materials used in flooring and walls, due to its durability. One of its most important characteristics is resistance to scratching and fire. There are types of ceramics that resemble marble, parquet and granite.


Parquet is a wooden piece that is characterized by many types and multiple forms, including what is made of beech wood, which is one of the best types of wood, the parquet is easy to install and clean and gives the room a distinctive luster, the parquet is used in bedrooms, food, living, trade fairs, and offices.


Marble is one of the finest types of raw materials used on the floor and the most widespread, which gives luxury and sophistication to the place and is characterized by strong strength, toughness and ease of cleaning, among the most prominent disadvantages that it is expensive and may be subject to scratching or cracking.


Granite is characterized by many shapes and colors and is very solid used in the bathroom, kitchen room, stairs and lobby of villas.

The carpet

Carpet is one of the types of carpets that is used on the floor. It lives for a long time and does not become damaged. It is made of wool and gives the room warm so it is very suitable for bedrooms, including several types of engraved, planned and embossed. One of the most prominent disadvantages is the difficulty of cleaning it and in the event it is not ventilated it is an environment for the growth of germs and bacteria.


Vinyl is characterized by shapes, types and colors to suit all tastes and is easy to clean in addition to that it resists moisture and stains, it is used in offices, hospitals, living rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Sponge floors

There are sponges of drawings, multiple shapes and many colors that are characterized by their tolerance to temperatures and ease of cleaning, often used in nurseries and children's rooms.


Tile is one of the types of raw materials used in the floor, usually used in gardens, and there are several types of it. Tiles are characterized by durability, strength and resistance to friction.


The stone gives a touch of beauty and attractiveness, and there are many types of it, and it is resistant to ants and can withstand temperatures, and is used in gardens and outdoor and indoor places as well.

Choosing flooring materials is not easy, as some believe, it must be within several criteria, the most important of which is the function of each room, and that it should be in harmony between colors and furniture. There are many types of materials used in the flooring to suit all tastes.

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