Tourist islands in Greece

Tourist islands in Greece

Tourist islands in Greece

Greek island of Crete

Crete is the largest Greek island, and the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, as this island is distinguished by the presence of many different archaeological sites that belong to many civilizations and cultures that passed by, and the most prominent of these archaeological sites are Byzantine churches and monasteries, Turkish mosques and baths, and Many historical buildings belonging to the European Renaissance, in addition to the effects of the Minoan civilization, which is the first European civilization that lived on the island of Crete in the Bronze Age, and the tourist can get to know the effects of this civilization when visiting the capital Heraklion by visiting the Heraklion Archeology Museum, and the Minoan monuments The historical city of Heraklion as the historical city of Knossos, the ancient site of Phaestos, and the site of Hagia Triada (Greek: Ayía Triádha).

Greek island of Rhodes

There are many monuments and places belonging to the Byzantine and Greek civilizations on the Greek island of Rhodes, in which the southern village of Lindos can be observed by the Byzantine monuments through wandering in its streets, and visiting churches dating back to the Middle Ages, in addition to the Greek temple of Athena Linda, which is located on top of the archaeological hill of Athens called the Acropolis, On the other hand, the village of Lindos is distinguished by its sandy beach in St. Paul's Bay. As for other historical monuments on the island, it is located in the ancient city of Rhodes, which was classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, in this city the walls of Byzantine forts, and roads designed in the form of mazes back Its history is medieval, and the tourist can get to know the history of the ancient city of Rhodes more by visiting the Museum of the Grand Master of the Palace. The most important characteristic of Rhodes Island is its location near Greek islands such as Kos Island, Patmos Island, Santorini Island, Mykos Island and Simi Island which is far away An hour on the island of Rhodes, which is one of the islands that feature unique natural landscapes, and the presence of ports for owners of yachts, in addition to many foreign countries near Djezzy Rhodes is Asia Minor, which is only 18 km away, and Turkey, especially the city of Bodrum and Marmaris, and ferries can be used to reach these places.

Greek island of Mykonos

Mykonos Island is one of the most famous islands of the Aegean Sea, as it offers tourists many different activities and water sports; Such as water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, horseback riding, participation in evening celebrations in the beaches of the South Island, and relaxing on its northern beaches, as for the main city of Mykonos, it allows tourists to visit many diverse museums; As the Historical Archeology Museum, the Greek Maritime Museum, and the Heritage Folklore Museum, on the other hand, it offers tourists an opportunity to wander between their white-painted houses with blue doors decorated with a purple hellish plantation, and walk in their archeological roads that were designed as a maze to reach the ancient churches and windmills. Dotted in the city.

Greek island of Santorini

Santorini Island is considered a unique tourist destination, due to its location on top of an ancient volcanic crater called the caldera that occurred due to a volcanic eruption that occurred 4000 years ago, to affect its terrain. On the other hand, the Santorini has a group of tourist attractions, including; Kamari Beach, with its black volcanic sand, the ancient Amoudi Bay, and Thira's Ancient Museum of Ancient History, displaying traces of volcanic ash from the Akrotiri settlement belonging to the Minoan civilization in the Bronze Age. The visitor can explore the island's villages located on the edge of the volcanic basin - around the crater of the caldera -; Like Imerovigli, whose white blue-roofed houses are decorated with violet bougainvillea, and the village of Oia overlooking the Aegean Sea is distinguished by churches with blue domes. Its capital is Vera.

The Greek island of Corfu

 The Greek island of Corfu is classified in the ancient city of Corfu as a world heritage site by UNESCO, due to the large number of archaeological sites belonging to different periods throughout ancient and modern history, such as Greek temples, Byzantine churches, Baroque churches dating back to the seventeenth century, and luxurious homes belonging to For Neoclassic architecture, the Church of St. Speridon, as well as the Corfu Archaeological Museum that contains artifacts from the Temple of Artemis, and the Antifonotissa Museum which contains relics from the Byzantine period in the fifteenth century.

The Greek island of Corfu is characterized by the diversity of its terrain, where the south of this island is characterized by the spread of hills and grasslands, while the north of it is spread by the hilly limestone slopes, surrounded by sandy beaches in all its aspects, so it provides the tourist with many different water activities; Like swimming, or visiting family resorts; As a Sidray resort overlooking a shallow sandy beach, which contains a water park, the town of Paleokastritsa, and the town of Contokallion, in addition to that, the island of Corfu is one of the islands rich in wild natural diversity, and is home to many types of birds, butterflies, flowers, and on the other hand the atmosphere is Moderate between April and August.

Greek island of Samos

The island of Samos, located in the northeastern side of the Aegean Sea, is distinguished by the Turkish coast, with many archaeological sites in it, which date back to ancient Greek myths, such as the temple of Heraion of the Greek gods of Hera, which was believed to have been born on the island, in addition to a Greek historical fortress. They were classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1992, in which important historical personalities lived, such as the mathematician Pythagoras, and the philosopher Epicurus who lived in the fourth century BC with Epicurean philosophy, but as for the activities that can be carried out on the island land is varied; Like beach walks, swimming in the sea, climbing mountains covered with forests, and wandering ancient monasteries and local villages full of vineyards.

The Greek island of Patmos

The island of Patmos is one of the smallest tourist islands belonging to the group of Dodecanese islands, where its main city is located on top of a hill surrounded by pine trees. The island has many archaeological sites, such as the Monastery of St. John the Theologian, which is characterized as a fortress With high walls and towers, the most important features of this monastery are the library and treasury that contains old and archaeological books as parts of the manuscripts of the Gospel of St. Mark, and a church whose interior design is characterized by frescoes dating back to the twelfth century, thus it was classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Greek island of Paros

Paros Island is located in the center of the Greek province of Cyclades, and the island's capital, Parikia, is the island's main port, and it contains many archaeological sites and Christian religious monuments, such as the PanagiaEkatontapiliani Church that was founded by Saint Helena 1700 years ago. And the port designated for fishing in the city of Naousa, in addition to that the island offers many activities for tourists on its beach, such as parasailing and surfing with kites and diving, and the most important characteristic of the island are the natural materials extracted from it, such as natural marble extracted from its stone quarries, White marble was used in historical buildings, and archaeological sculptures on the island from the era of Greek Cycladic civilization, as the roof of the Parthenon building, and Aphrodite Melus (Venus de Milo) sculpted in pure white Barian marble, and the winged Victory sculpture of Samothris representing gods Greek Victory, Medici Venus carved representing the gods of Greek love.

Greek Folegandros Island

Folegandros Island is located near Santorini Island, and its main city is characterized by its distinctive views of the Aegean Sea, as it is built on the cliff of the valley, and it has several main beaches, such as the sandy beach of Agali (5 km west of the main city), and the pebble beach Karavostasi which is characterized by Sandy sea areas, and Agios Georgios Beach, 8 km northwest of the main city, this beach features idyllic trees that can be used by tourists.
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