The most beautiful islands in Malaysia

The most beautiful islands in Malaysia

The most beautiful islands in Malaysia

The number of islands of Malaysia

  The country of Malaysia is famous for the presence of a large number of islands surrounded by water on its territory and within its geographical borders, as the country includes 878 islands, according to statistics conducted by the Malaysian Survey and Mapping Administration, as there are 394 of these islands in the state of Sabah and its environs, while the rest of the islands are distributed On other regions and states, and to get to know the states of Malaysia, you can read an article of how many states of Malaysia and Malaysia also has 510 marine geographical features such as hills, sandbanks, and rocks, but they are not listed as islands.

The most beautiful islands of Malaysia

- Private Sultan Island: Ownership of this island belongs to the Sultan of Jawhar, characterized by its calm atmosphere and the lack of crowded tourists in it. This island also contains two resorts overlooking the soft white sand and palm trees with an attractive view.

Mantanani Islands: These islands are located within the island of Borneo in the Malaysian state of Sabah, close to the city of Kota Belud in the area overlooking the South China Sea, characterized by the presence of one of the best diving sites that number about 20 sites, including the wreckage of the three ships on the bottom of the water, Divers and divers can see marine creatures such as raccoon and seahorse, and visitors can relax on the white sandy beaches and watch the sunset.

- Tickle Island: This island is located close to the southern end of the state of Terengganu, and access to it requires the use of more than one mode of transportation such as flights, taxi rides, and boats, and it is considered one of the most beautiful Malaysian islands, and one of the tourist destinations suitable for a special holiday, and allows its visitors several activities, Like diving, snorkeling, going on jungle tours, taking tours to explore sharks, and to learn more information about tourism in Malaysia, you can read the Malaysia Tourism article.

- Tiga Island: It is a small archipelago consisting of three islands, and the island of Teja is characterized as uninhabited, and allows its visitors to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, relax on the sandy beaches, spend the night in a resort, or visit mud volcanoes on foot, and many other distinct activities.

Vertenin Islands: The two islands consist of the two islands of Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil, both of which are characterized by natural beauty, where there are many hills with dense trees, and coral reefs appear close to the surface of the water that includes many types of marine life, The two islands of Farhatin are also suitable places for diving enthusiasts and those who want to learn it, preferably between July and October; Where the sea is calm.

The most beautiful family island of Malaysia

- Batu Batu Island: This island is located in the area off the eastern coast of the State of Malaysia, less than four hours by car or speedboat from Singapore, characterized by sparkling turquoise waters, pure white sandy beaches, and an eco-friendly resort located among coconut groves For the uninhabited middle island, this large resort consists of 22 villas made of wood.

- Pangkor Island: Pangkor Island is located on the west coast of Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur, it is characterized by its calm atmosphere, and its crowded beaches, in addition to the dense jungle that includes many types of animals and plants, so visitors have an opportunity to enjoy the calm atmosphere, Carry out the activities available freely, such as sitting under palm trees, taking a jungle trip, observing the sunset, and And recreation.

- Kota Kinabalu Island: Kota Kinabalu Resorts is located on Borneo Island, and is considered a popular Malaysian tourist destination for families and children; The island provides visitors with a variety of family activities, such as exploring natural stones, doing water activities such as swimming, diving and snorkeling, exploring the diverse plants and animals found in the island and the surrounding areas, and hiking along designated paths. Parents and adults can take an adventure to climb Mount Kinabalu, and many other Water and terrestrial adventures.

Penang Island: Penang Island is one of the best Malaysian islands suitable for family and children visiting. It offers many unique family activities, such as going on a trip to the top of Penang Hill and enjoying the fresh atmosphere, riding a tramway there, exploring the botanical gardens, the youth park, visiting children's pools, riding a colorful cyclo at night, or eating accompanied The family is in a cafe.

- Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park: This spacious park is located about 3-8 km from Kuta Kinabalu Quay in Sabah Province, and it consists of five protected islands; Gaya Island, Manukan, Sabi, Slug, and Mamotec, and these islands can be reached via the mainland through boats that take about 15 minutes, and tourists can visit Manukan Island to enjoy the beach atmosphere or practice diving, as can visit the largest island among the five islands , Which is Jaya Island that offers several activities, such as hiking, or visiting a floating village.

The most beautiful islands of Malaysia for honeymoon

- Tioman Island: This island takes the form of a dragon, and can be reached through the Tioman Airport, which is the closest airport to it, and it is considered one of the islands suitable for honeymooning; It includes lush tropical jungles, mountain streams, clean beaches, clean water with a variety of marine life, and many resorts suitable for the newlyweds, such as the Gabamala Resort and Minang Cove Resort. The island also offers many activities, such as rowing and surfing, as for The best time to visit is between March and October.

Mabul Island: This island can be reached through the nearest airport, Tawau Airport, which is considered one of the most popular islands in the country for honeymooning; Thanks to the presence of picturesque beaches with fine white sand, abundant coconut trees, and clear emerald water, it is characterized by the absence of crowded tourists; This allows greater privacy for the newlyweds, and more freedom to engage in many activities, such as snorkeling, lying in the sand, and taking a kayak tour.

Jim Island: The island of Jim can be reached through the Kuala Terengganu Airport, which is the closest airport to it, and it is considered a private-owned island; By doing this, they allow the couples the privacy they need, and many different activities such as staying at Game Island Resort and Spa, and taking memorial photos with a life partner, preferably the period of the newlyweds visiting from 3-4 days, and it is preferable to visit the island between the months of April And August.

Tanjung Aru Island: This island can be accessed through Kota Kinabalu Airport, and is characterized by its white sandy beaches and its resorts that are suitable for couples, such as Sutera Port Resort, Shangri-La Resort and Sipadan Resort. It is preferable to visit the island between April and October.

- Kapas Island: This island is located in the area opposite the western coast of Malaysia, and it is considered a suitable place for couples wishing to experience living in isolated places and a simple lifestyle, as it allows visitors to calm atmosphere, and practice many enjoyable activities, such as snorkeling, diving, and watching coral reefs Turtles and various marine creatures, walking on the beach, riding in the hammocks, playing beach volleyball, and visiting health resorts, and the best time to visit Cabas is between April and August.

The most beautiful economic islands of Malaysia

- Redang Island: Raddag Island or Redang Island is the largest island of all the islands located in the area opposite the eastern coast of the state of Malaysia, and Redang Island is considered one of the best options for those who wish to visit Malaysia Island at the lowest costs and with a limited budget, as it allows visitors and tourists to do many activities, such as Scuba diving, snorkeling to see marine creatures, such as Nemo, small sharks, jellyfish, and what you can mention is that the best time to visit the island is between April and October.

- Rawa Island: This island is located near the city of Mersing in the Malaysian state of Johor, close to the country's borders with the state of Singapore, and it is popular with the owners of the limited budget, and is characterized by its relatively small area, and the presence of two main resorts, and it is preferred for those who wish to visit Rawa Island to do This was done during the period between April and October.

- Langkawi Island: This island is famous for being a budget-friendly destination; Due to the presence of many goods exempt from customs duties, Langkawi is also considered a suitable place for water sports, such as diving, and allows its visitors and tourists many activities, such as hiking in the Sky Bridge park, or diving underwater to explore marine life, It is worth noting that the best time to visit the island is between January and March.

- Sipadan Island: This island is considered one of the popular destinations with a reasonable budget, as it is distinguished by its great attraction for diving enthusiasts, and those who wish to explore the forms of marine life that abound there, such as hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, and foreign types coming from other regions, and it will be necessary Land camping experience; Due to the closure of the resorts since 2004 AD to preserve marine life.

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