The most beautiful colors of home decoration

The most beautiful colors of home decoration

The most beautiful colors of home decoration

Decoration colors, whether wall colors, paints, or furniture colors are important and confusing things to choose. Therefore, when choosing colors, they should be chosen in nature and see the catalogs for the period in which the decoration is done and experimenting with colors to determine the appropriate choice.

Every place in the home needs specific colors to match the activity that takes place in this place, but there must be consistency between colors in places.

And the colors are among the things that show the beauty of the place and affect it well and express the personality of the people in the house, but it needs a lot of focus because it is not easy to choose the colors, design and approve them with just pictures.

And if you want to make attractive and decor, the colors can be combined to give a different and distinctive shape, but consistent colors should be used together so as not to spoil the shape of the decoration.

Colors types: 

Hot colors: They are the colors that are bright, bold, and striking when used in decor, for example.

Red color: one of the most beautiful bold colors, but it gives the room a feeling of small space when used in painting the walls, but it is good to use in cutting furniture because it gives a difference in the general form of decoration and can be used in paint provided that it is in the room we use it in one wall color and the rest The walls are in different colors, such as white, or if you want to use it a lot in the room, it is in rooms with large areas.

Orange color: it is a distinctive color and it is produced from red with yellow color, it is one of the bright and attractive colors and one of the most beautiful colors that can be used in living rooms because it gives a feeling of and vitality and of the colors that can be used with it and be beautiful is white and the color Black and be one of the crown colors for use in children's rooms.

Yellow: One of the most beautiful colors that can be used in sitting rooms and children's rooms because it is a bright color and reflects activity and vitality in the place and makes it a likable place to sit in and can be used in furniture, but the wall at that time is the color of the wall in white or gray.

Cool and quiet colors: They are the colors that are used in quiet and simple decoration and are usually used in bedrooms because they give a feeling of comfort and relaxation, and for example.

Blue color: Blue color is a color distinguished by its different degrees and it can be used alone in different degrees and it is distinguished in decoration and also shows the decoration natural and attractive because it is the color of nature and sky and the sea and it can be used with large areas and small spaces as it does not negatively affect the space.

Green color: Green color is a comfortable color for the nerves, and the person feels relaxed and calm. It is one of the most beautiful colors that express nature and it is advised to use it in narrow spaces because it gives a feeling of the large size and makes the place clear and decorative in the place and the light degree of it is preferred to be used in Wall paint.

Gray color: Gray color is a quiet and simple color, and some people always associate it with classic decoration because it is always used and in the past was the most pleasant colors used even with the difference in the shape of the decoration, but the colors do not differ and can be used with many colors, whether hot or cold because it is consistent and consistent with All shades of colors.

And there are some colors that can also be used in decoration, either alone or merging between them and between other colors, such as a single white or a single black or both colors.
And also the color white with red can be used for each of them individually and can be used together and be one of the most beautiful colors that can be combined.

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