How to increase your height through clothes

How to increase your height through clothes

How to increase your height through clothes

How to increase your body length by using clothes?

Many men are bothered by the fact that they do not have the length they want, and it is disturbing that this affects you because it is something that you cannot control, except that you can control the way you look at yourself, the clothes you wear, and the confidence you hold yourself, and this can lead To a great change in the way you look at yourself, and there are many things to consider when choosing clothes that help to show you a greater length, through the correct selection of your clothes:

- Choose clothes with vertical lines and stay away from horizontal lines; Vertical stripes are a well-known fashion technique; It helps to show you longer than reality, unlike the clothes with horizontal lines that appear fatter and shorter.
- You can wear clothes without separations, especially if you are one of the people who do not prefer striped clothes, and you can wear the shirt and pants in one color or with gradations of one color and stay away from the color diversification between the pants and the shirt, which divides your body in half, which shows your height shorter.
- Rely on dark-colored clothes like black, gray, and brown; Darker colors look longer than light colors.
- Pay attention to the quality of the fabric, focus on lightweight, medium-weight fabrics, and stay away from heavy fabrics; Heavy fabric will make you feel heavy, bulky, and short.
- Choose clothes that fit your size, it has a great role in increasing your feeling of confidence and stay away from loose clothes that may make you look shorter.
- Choose shoes that are a little higher, even a few centimeters. It helps to increase your height and make you look longer, and high shoes can lift clothes, and you should choose shoes with patterns that do not show how small your feet are.
- Stay away from clothes, jackets, and shirts that have many buttons, because they will draw attention to your short torso, make sure the length of the jacket from the back is a little lower as it helps to lengthen your body length. 
- Choose V-necked shirts that extend your torso, while rounded or closed neck shirts will make you look shorter as they hide your neck.
- Choose pants of appropriate length, and stay away from pants that have a much higher saddle or a lot lower because they make your legs shorter than they are, and you should not fill your pockets with anything, as this draws attention to your hips and legs, which makes you look shorter.
- Make sure that the pants are a little long and do not shorten them too much, as the appropriate length of the pants is to reach the top of the shoe, keep away from the decorated pants or multiple folds, keep away from the pants with suspenders where you appear shorter.

Various tricks make you look taller

- Lift your head high when walking, make sure your back is straight, and raise your shoulders and make them stretched backward, this will increase your self-confidence, unlike sagging which will make you appear self-confident.
- Try to keep your hair short; Long hair hides the neck and shoulder making you look short, and a slightly raised hairstyle can be chosen to help increase your height.
- Maintain your physical fitness and body shape, while being overweight will make you look shorter.

How do you choose clothes according to your height?

  If you want to go to a store to buy clothes, be careful:
- Make sure the pants are the right size, i.e. not too loose or too tight, and you can use the seamstress to make your clothes fit you more, leave the pants a little too long to drop onto the shoe, and make you look longer.
- Try to choose clothes with the right waist, and do not separate your body with belts that show your torso shorter.
- Choose dark-colored clothes and stay away from brightly decorated clothes, and choose lighter clothes.
- You can choose a suitable hat, it is able to add an appropriate amount of height in a simple and beautiful way, and you can choose the multicolored hats suitable for your clothes.
- Choose a slightly high-heeled shoe, or you can buy the piece placed inside your favorite shoe to increase the length even slightly.
- chose the Short boots; Long winter boots will make you look shorter.
- Stay away from tight clothes and shirts.

How do you shorten your height?

If you have excessive height and are annoyed with it, here are a few tips that will help you appear a little shorter:

- Keep away from tight pants and sweaters; It shows your slim and slender body.
- Choose a shirt with horizontal stripes, not vertical ones, it will increase your height, if you are forced to wear a business suit with vertical stripes, choose a suit with very fine lines.
- Avoid using a shoulder jacket, or choose appropriate shoulder straps that are not larger than your jacket. As the jacket or lever will add height around the head, it will make your head appear smaller and your body bigger.
- You can choose a jacket that is slightly longer as it helps to show legs shorter.
- Use layers to add depth and dimensions. You can wear many jackets and shirts, especially jackets, under each other in winter, so that it distracts you from your height.
- You can wear different colors on the top and bottom of the body, to make you look shorter, and you can use the belt to separate the body in half.
- Choose bold shoes, as they help direct the eyes down.
- Choose a long tie, you can twist the ratio of the front blade to the back blade in order to get the correct length of the tie.

It may interest you

  The fashion style and elegance depends on your knowledge of yourself, knowing what you want to represent and show people about you, and if you are confident in this matter, you will be confident in yourself, and you do not care about the opinion of people, and you can determine the style fashion appropriate for you by:
- Knowing the shape of your body, and knowing what is appropriate for it.
- Know your personality, and determine what is compatible with it.
- Determining the colors that inspire you.
- Keep pictures of the clothes you like most, coordinate them together, and remember them when going to the market to buy new clothes.

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