How to use Photoshop

How to use Photoshop

How to use Photoshop

Photoshop uses

 Photoshop is known as one of the most popular programs that are widely used in editing and modifying digital photos, and this program was developed by the brothers Thomas and John Knoll in 1988 AD, and they then sold it to Adobe Systems Which put the program on the market under the name (Photoshop), and this program contains many features that enable its user to edit and modify images very professionally, where Photoshop provides many features of automation and keyboard shortcuts that will help The user saves time on many tasks that are used frequently, and also provides many additional filters and components in the program.

Download and install Photoshop

 Photoshop can be downloaded to computers running one of the popular operating systems. Where this program is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, and the program can be downloaded to the device in many ways, some of which are free, and some of which are paid, as Photoshop can be purchased by entering the Adobe website on the Internet, And follow the procedures for purchasing a copy of Photoshop according to the user’s need, and a free trial version of the program can be obtained for use only for a specific period of time, and then download and install any of the copies on the user’s computer to start using it.

How to use Photoshop
  Using Photoshop involves knowing many of the things available on the program, as follows:

Start a new project in Photoshop

 The user may want to start using Photoshop by opening one of the images or files he wishes to make modifications to, and this can be done by opening Photoshop, then clicking on the “File” option, then choosing “Open” option; Where a browsing window will appear through which you can go to the image you want to open to modify it by clicking on it, then clicking on the Open option, and a whole new file can be created in Photoshop by following the following steps:

- Click on the “File” option, then choose “New.”
- Set new file options to create, which contains many different options, such as file name, size, new image quality to create, setting image dimensions, color, layer background added, and other settings for the new file to create.

Using basic tools

  There are a lot of tools that are available in Photoshop, and it is necessary to understand the way to use basic tools and know the function of each of them to start using Photoshop in the correct way, and here are some of these basic tools in Photoshop:

- Move tool: Move is the tool through which the elements in a Photoshop image can be moved.
- Selection tool: (Marquee), is a tool that is used to make selections in different shapes on Photoshop images, including oval selection, rectangle, or single column or single row selection.
- The Lasso Tool: (Lasso), is another tool for making selections on pictures, methods, and advanced shapes.
- Quick Selection tool: Quick Selection is a tool for selecting items in a Photoshop image by applying paint to them with an adjustable brush.
- Crop tool: Crop, the Photoshop cropping tool.
- Eraser: The Eraser is the tool by which you can erase or remove any parts of an image.
- Brush: One of the drawing tools.
- Pencil Tool: One of the drawing tools that draws a pen-like line.
- Gradient tool: Gradient is a tool for creating different shapes of colors in a Photoshop image.

Use layers

 Using what is known as layers is one of the most important things to learn when you need to use Photoshop, as this feature that this program provides for the user to separate the layers that make up the background of the image to be modified or to be created via Photoshop, then make the amendment on each layer Separately, and there are specific modes for each layer, and each of these modes must be known and preview; As applying one of them to a specific layer affects the shape of the layer itself and how it overlaps with the layers below it, and it is possible to show or hide one of those layers by clicking on the box that contains the eye icon that appears next to the specific layer.

The degree of transparency of each layer and the degree of transparency of the elements it contains can be adjusted through the Opacity and Fill Menus, and many layers can be combined after they are modified so that the separate images are combined into one image, and it must be noted that The user must lock the layer upon completion of modification in whole or in part; To avoid being subjected to any unintended changes while working, new layers of the Photoshop image can be created by following these steps:

- Click on the New Layer button, which appears as two overlapping squares at the bottom of the Layer window.
- Click New, then add one of the layers shown within the window.

Using filters Filters are used in Photoshop in order to modify the images and make them stylized, and give them the appearance of plastic art by applying special effects found in those filters, and Photoshop contains a variety of filters that are applied to the active layer that the user is working on, There are certain types of filters that correspond to certain types of images and are not compatible with other images, and external filters that are not in Photoshop can be used after they are loaded into the program's list of filters, and you can choose to apply one of the filters to a layer or element in a Photoshop image by following the steps below :

- Verify that the layer to which the filter is to be activated is selected and active, and a specific area of ​​the layer can be specified to implement the filter on it.
- Go to the Filter menu, then choose one of the sub-filters contained in that list, then click the OK button

Use of colors

 The colors and grades of images can be adjusted in Photoshop in two ways: using what is known as the Adjustment Layers or by using the (Adobe Camera Raw) tool, and these two methods allow the user to easily and flexibly adjust the colors of images without affecting the original image, and can adjust The image and its gradients by using the adjustment layers by going to the Adjustments Panel, then choosing one of the color tools to apply to the image, and if you want to adjust the gradients, you can choose the Levels or Curves option, either when Wanting to adjust image colors, the Color Balance option can be chosen, and Black & White can be used to convert a color image to black and white, and the settings of the Layer Adjustment Tools can be adjusted through the Properties panel.
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