How to distinguish between the original imitation clothes?

How to distinguish between the original imitation clothes?

How to distinguish between the original imitation clothes?

Imitation marks

 If you are a fan of fashion and fashion and you care about your looks very much, then you must seek to grab the best piece of clothing at the best price, and with all of this you do not want to buy a counterfeit piece of a brand and you do not distinguish that, and we can define the counterfeit brands as; Use without the approval of the registrar, copying, falsification or imitation of a registered trademark related to the sale or offering for sale, or the advertisement of any commodity, or the reproduction of any trademark, counterfeiting, copying or imitation in color and placing it on the packaging of the parcels or advertisements used in Sale and distribution, and this makes the merchant fall under legal accountability.

 How to distinguish between original and imitation clothes?

 With the development and growth of industries today, there is a lot of fraud, and counterfeiting in manufactured products such as clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and many other products. This exposes you, dear consumer, to fraud and deception, it is possible that you have paid huge amounts in the product and you do not know that it is a piece Fake it, this makes you more eager to know how to differentiate the original products from the fake, and here we will deal with one of the important products which is clothing, especially in our time when fashion and fashion abounded and became an absolutely indispensable thing, and from the signs that you can infer what If the clothes are original or not:

- Price: Price is an important indication that clothes are fake or not, as fake clothes are always cheap, unlike original ones, so you should take care of that, especially if the price is very cheap.
- Quality: the original clothes are definitely completely different from the counterfeit clothes; With quality, fabric and sewing, as manufacturing materials are always poor and of poor quality, you can protect yourself by asking sellers about quality assurance.
- Who sells it: Companies often hire agents for them to communicate with customers and complete the buying and selling process, so always make sure to buy clothes from authorized dealers to ensure the clothes you want.
- Payment method: Make sure that the transaction is not intended for personal data, or credit card data, but if the method of online payment, be sure to send via websites starting with http: //, and accompanied by a lock.
- How to shop: Online shopping is often more difficult to tell about fake clothes, checking fabric closely, and searching for brands of quality clothes, which makes you dear man more likely to cheat.

How do you know that your shoes are original?

  It is very unfortunate that you buy expensive shoes that are imitated or deceived, at which time you will feel that you have been deceived, other than the psychological frustration that will possess you, it is possible to avoid all this very easily, you only need to know some points, which will help you in choosing the shoes The original, and pay close attention to it to ensure that the original non-fake shoes fit you and your style and make you feel confident in front of your colleagues, and these are important points to know about your original shoes:

- Source: You should always take care to work with the company's official agents; Because global brand companies often appoint agents to deal with customers, as you can inquire about quality assurance and evidence, but if the purchase process via the Internet, you should pay careful attention that the website starts with http: \\ and is accompanied by a lock, and all This will guarantee you an original shoes guarantee.
- Packaging: The first thing that you dear man, have to check is the packaging or box in which the shoes are placed. Usually, signs are indicated on the shoemakers and their reliability; Such as stickers, codes, and trade symbols, as well as the CPU symbol, fonts, and retail tag, if the online purchase.
- The internal mark: One of the most difficult signs for merchants to falsify is the internal mark of the shoe, as it is one of the most common mistakes with matching copies of shoes, so what you have to do is check the UPC code, as this number will be the same for every shoe the same size, and make sure to This is by using the Goat app, or comparing tags with someone else who has an original shoe.
- Smell: If the shoe has an unpleasant smell, this is definitely a fake. Often the materials made from fake shoes are poor quality and cause unpleasant smells.
- Comparison: You are always keen on comparing the shoe that you want to buy with another original shoe that you own or exist at one of your friends, because the original shoes of a certain brand have similar characteristics that distinguish them from others.
- Price: fake shoes are inexpensive because they are made of poor quality materials and low quality, unlike original shoes. 
- Volume of production: Companies that produce identical original shoes characterized by an intelligence that makes them different from other companies. They want to increase their profit to the maximum extent possible. This means that they repeat their goods with the same quality and maintain their reputation and their name in the market.
- Does the shoe come with receipts or proof of purchase ?: Nowadays it is almost impossible to buy something without having proof of receipt, including shoes, so if shopping online they always ask for an email.


Footwear was made from natural elements such as animal skins and furs, among others. After that, clothing and fashion underwent many transformations in the early modern world, reflecting the changing social, political, religious, and economic forces that were part of it and expressing it, and despite the occurrence of major transformations In the patterns of production and consumption and the emergence of more fabrics and textiles already more diversified in the late Middle Ages, however, the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries represented the culmination of these trends and this period is a distinct and dynamic period, as clothing has become its forms innovative in themselves.

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