How to choose glasses according to the shape of your face

How to choose glasses according to the shape of your face

How to choose glasses according to the shape of your face

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 Your glasses express your personality and add more elegance to your outfit, it is one of the modern accessories that you can wear at all times. Many shapes, sizes and colors of glasses have appeared in recent times, and have become among the most popular fashion fashions among people, as the glasses are used as an aid To see or as an accessory to fashion, so choosing the right glasses for your face is one of the necessities of elegance in order to get the look that you love, so if you are a fan of glasses and want to get a suitable glasses for you, this article is for you for sure, as we will show you the best glasses that will fit the shape of your face and your features.

Optimum glasses according to the shape of the face

 You can choose the glasses that suit you according to the shape of your face:

- face Heart: This shape is characterized by a slightly wide top from the top, a little narrow in the cheeks, and if your face is like this You should use glasses that are wider from the bottom, or you can use glasses with narrow frames, and avoid other wide types from the top because they will focus on the wide top side of your forehead.
- Oval face: If you have an oval face, congratulations! You are lucky because this shape looks pretty good with every frame of glasses, but when selecting your glasses choose glasses with a wide frame because the narrow ones may affect the similarity of the contours of your face.
- Square face: the square faces are more clear, the bones look more prominent, and the glasses can loosen these sharp lines, so always choose glasses that have no sharp edges, and round and rectangular lenses are recommended.
- Diamond-shaped face: This is the most common face, and when choosing the right glasses, choose glasses that will hide the eye area, and in this way you will hide the corners of the top of your face, and the best shape for glasses is the oval and make sure that the frame does not cover your eyebrows.
- The face is triangular: If your face is triangular, you should use sunglasses that have more detail on its edges, and you may have noticed that glasses in the shape of a cat's eyes are usually decorated with rhinestones or such small details, and in this way will distract attention from the bottom Narrow and pointed from your face.
- The face is round in shape: unlike square faces, the round shape does not have sharp lines, and when you choose glasses, your main goal is to make your face appear thinner, and narrow-framed glasses will extend your face; So rectangular lenses are ideal if your face is round in shape.
- Rectangular face: This face is characterized by a long and somewhat narrow, so if you have a rectangular face, you should look for a frame that will shorten your face and make it appear smaller, and the best appropriate glasses are those whose height is greater than the width, and you must cover The lenses are full in the eye area, and you should make sure that the frames are not too thin or too thick.

Tips for perfect glasses

 To get your perfect glasses, here are a few tips:

- Contrast: the frame shape should match the shape of your face. If your features are round, choose the glasses that make your face look angular. If your features are sharp, then you need glasses that have more curvature to reduce the severity of your features.
- Color: Choose a color that shows the distinctiveness of your features, black is always good for highlighting and defining your eyes, and glasses that contrast with the color of your face and hair will make your skin and hair more prominent.
- The ratio between the size of the glasses and the face: since the glasses must be proportional to the size of your face, the large ones will hide a larger area of ​​your face, and vice versa for the smaller ones, so choose the glasses appropriate for the size and shape of your face.
- Face shape: You must be able to determine the shape of your face in order to be able to choose the glasses that suit it.

It may interest you

Did you know that your choice of glasses reflects your personality? Glasses frames come in a large number of colors and shapes, black and brown frames are still present, but they are no longer the only option, says Lynn Green, an eye specialist at Pollen Eye Care skincare in Jacksonville, Florida: "Those who dare to wear colored glasses They are usually very creative, ”he says.“ Artists love the color, they are very special in what they like and know what they like, ”but the only artists and creators who are attracted to colored frames are not. As both an open and introverted person tends to wear this type of glasses, as for bright and bold colors, the wearer is usually a cheerful and open person.
Your glasses are one of the first things that people notice about you, so you must give an impression of you; Green-framed glasses give a modern and bold look like they say look at me, while thick-black glasses give the impression that you are a modern young man, while glasses with frame decorated with small patterns express elegance and kindness, fun nature and not to take life seriously, and people may wear it from The elderly to enjoy their youth again, and fake medical glasses may wear them to increase self-confidence because they make you look smart, as for the large circular glasses they are old Hollywood glasses and indicate your classic nature while wearing glasses with a simple frame indicates that you are a logical and realistic personality and do not like to show off appearances.

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