Learn ways to coordinate clothes

Learn ways to coordinate clothes

Learn ways to coordinate clothes

How to coordinate and arrange clothes

Coordination and selection of clothes is one of the difficult processes that individuals face daily, especially girls, whether when choosing work clothes, or choosing evening and occasion clothes, and there are many rules and foundations that must be adhered to when coordinating clothes, such as eye color, skin color, and shape Body, so in this article we will talk about how to format clothes in detail.

Choose the right colors

One of the most important things to pay attention to when coordinating clothes is choosing the right and consistent colors, as follows:

- Take advantage of the colors of the designs and paintings displayed, and that is by analyzing these colors, and then using them as a guide for the person when coordinating the colors of his clothes, you can choose the color of a main clothing piece, such as a dress or a coat according to the color predominant in the design, then choose small or complementary pieces, such as a bag, or The shoes according to the color used a little in the design.

- Use the color wheel to know the complementary colors of each other, and the complementary colors here mean the opposite colors, which are opposite to each other in the color wheel, such as white and black, because these colors look great when combined together, for each color there is a complementary color to it, which is the color that is completely opposite on a wheel Colors, the best and most complimentary colors together are completely opposite colors, but some other colors, such as light yellow-green, can be combined with its corresponding color from the outer edge, such as dark purple.

- Choose colors that are from the same category, for example, colored colors together, earthy colors together, and so on.

- Choose white or black clothes when the person is confused, or any other neutral colors, such as indigo, khaki, gray, blue, gold, silver, and others, as these colors can be combined together, but white and black are the best together.

Coordinate clothes according to body shape

Pear shape

The shoulders and torso of the pear body are narrower than the hips, so you should avoid wearing sleeveless clothing, or large-size jackets; Jeans, leggings, skirts, and fabrics that show curves, such as silk. Dark pants with wide legs are recommended from below, giving the hips a slim look and making the person appear taller and weaker. The opening of the neck in the form of a boat, to expand the shoulder line to balance it with the shape of the lower body.

Oval body

The oval body is characterized by the full medium that is wider than the rest of the body, so loose clothing should be worn around this area, and avoid wearing things that attract attention to it, such as high-waist pants and belts, and it is also advisable to wear skinny pants, with short veils, because they are It attracts attention to the legs or wearing loose-fitting dresses with high heels, or a wide short jacket at the stomach area, and they may belong or large sleeves, which look modern, and it is also possible to wear a tight jacket just below the chest area, and then it becomes broad after This is where it gives a beautiful body shape.

Hourglass body

The waist in the body of the sandy hour is narrow, the chest is large, and the hips are full, so it is advised to avoid wearing clothes that do not contain a particular shape or those that are in the shape of a square, and short shorts are large in size, and can be worn high-waist pants that attract attention to the waist, And jackets where the neck opening is in the shape of a triangle, and the choice of narrow skirts at the waist and slightly wider after that

Rectangular body

The shape of the rectangular body is distinguished in its one form from the bottom up, so styles that can comfortably fit the middle of the body can be chosen, so that they define a body shape, and tight dresses should be avoided from all over the body, or clothes that are wide at the waist, and it is possible to wear tight pants At the waist, and slightly wider at the pelvis, to give shape to the body, wear a narrow jacket to accentuate the waist, or wear a jacket with female sleeves, such as those with a ruffle or layers, where it gives volume to the shoulders, which makes the waist seem smaller compared to the bottom From the body, as it is advised to wear a wide skirt that gives the lower area a larger look.


Accessories give a personal touch to the general appearance, especially that the colors of clothes are often neutral so you should wear accessories that are bright and bold colors with it, or choose accessories that consist of new materials, such as shiny materials and feathers, and an interesting addition to the accessories can be used one way or another, Like buttons that are easy to use, and do not require much cash.

Fashionable clothes coordination

Fashionable clothes can be coordinated according to the following steps:

- It is recommended to wear one bright color and the rest of the clothes should be in one color.

- It is advisable to choose striped clothes vertically instead of in the horizontal; The body appears thinner than it is.

- Embellished dresses are recommended to be used at night occasions, while daytime dresses are recommended for wearing floral patterns.

- Avoid wearing many pieces of clothing simultaneously with different colors, flowers and graphics. This is to avoid the dispersion of appearance.

- Wearing scarves of different types, such as: silk, flax, satin, wool, and others, while verifying the choice of each according to the season, whether it is summer, winter, or autumn.

Tips on choosing clothes colors

It is recommended to choose clothes according to skin color as follows:

Skin color can be determined by observing the color of the veins in the wrist, if the veins are purple or blue, the skin is often cold, and if the veins are green, the skin is warm.

 Choosing the degrees of clothing to match skin color, as warm skin is suitable for peach, golden, and yellow, while those with cold skin will match red, blue, and pink.

 Choosing the colors of clothes according to the color of the eyes. People with cold skin have blue, gray, or green eyes, and those with warm skin have brown or honey eyes.
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