How to make meat burger

How to make meat burger

How to make meat burger

Minced Beef Burger

the ingredients

- salt and pepper as needed-.

- Two hundred and fifty grams of minced meat.

- Cheddar cheese.

- ketchup.

- mayonnaise.

- Red onion slices.

- lettuce.

- Sliced tomato.

- Bun Bread.

How to prepare:

Place the minced meat into a bowl, then add salt and pepper.

Mix the meat well by hand and shape it into a round burger.

Place the burgers on the grill for five minutes on each side at 200 ° C.

Put cheese on the burgers for a minute until melted.

Cut the bread in half and place the lettuce on top, onions, tomatoes, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Put the burgers on bread and serve hot.

Grilled stuffed burger

the ingredients:

- ¼ teaspoon of black pepper.

- A large egg.

- A kilogram of minced beef.

- A quarter cup of rusk.

- A cup of shredded cheddar cheese.

- Small spoon of salt.

- A teaspoon of mixed spice.

- One medium of each of:

         - Chopped sweet green pepper.
         - Chopped tomatoes.
         - Chopped onion.

Ingredients for presentation:

 - lettuce.
 - mayonnaise.
 - Burger bread.
 - ketchup.

how to prepare:

- Place the meat in a bowl of the prepared food, then add eggs, salt, rusk, pepper and spice and run at medium speed for one or two minutes until mixing the materials and obtaining a smooth and smooth burger.

- Bring the burger tool and put a little meat mixture in it, press the meat mixture with the lid, where a cavity is formed in the middle of the burger disk, distribute a little onion, cheese, tomato and pepper, take a little burger meat and put it on the filling and press it on the cover of the burger until it sticks Layers of the meat well to avoid the filling coming out during the grill of the burger (it is possible to form the burger without its tool, by taking an amount of meat and forming it to a disc in the palm of the hand, and put a little stuffing in it and close the meat on the filling well to avoid it coming out during the grilling of the burger).

- Heat an electric grill until it becomes very hot, put the burgers on the grill, and wait for a few minutes until the bottom is roasted, then turn it on the other side and wait for a few minutes to gain the bottom golden color and the meat is completely ripe.

- Put a little mayonnaise on the halves of the burgers, put a little ketchup and some lettuce leaves, then put the stuffed burger disk on the lettuce and put the second half of the bread, and serve immediately.

Olive and Pesto Burger

the ingredients:

  - Two tablespoons of water.

  - Five hundred grams of minced beef.

  - Half a cup of stuffed green olives.

Ingredients for pesto sauce, basil:

   - A cup of basil.

   - Half a cup of pine.

   - Three cloves of garlic.

   - Half a cup of Parmesan cheese.

   - half cup of olive oil.

  Ingredients for presentation:

    - Four pieces of toast.

    - Half a cup of pimento.

    - A cup of watercress leaves.

    - Ten grains of olives.

    - Avocado.

    - Three green onions.

    - A cup of roasted sweet red pepper.

How to prepare:

    - Mix the minced beef, pesto sauce, water and olives and mix the mixture a little and mix it into four burger tablets.

    - Put the pine, garlic and basil in the food processor, and beat the mixture until smooth.

    - Pour the oil, then add the Parmesan cheese.

    - Heat the flat grill or barbecue tray to moderate heat.

    - Grease the burgers a little with oil, add the burgers to the grill or barbecue tray, then reduce the heat to a moderate temperature.

    - Roast burgers for 6 to 7 minutes on each side or until fully cooked, stirring once.

    - Grease the bread with oil and put it on the grill until it becomes golden in color.

    - Mix the olives, grilled pepper, and avocado and put it on the burgers.

    - Serve on croutons with arugula, green onions, small avocado cubes and olives.


the ingredients:

   - Five hundred grams of minced beef.

   - Finely chopped onion.

   - A quarter cup of chopped parsley.

   - Salt and black pepper - to taste

   - Three slices of light-flavored cheddar cheese and one of strong-flavored cheddar cheese.

Application components:

   - Three pieces of burgers.

   - Two tablespoons of butter.

   - Three tablespoons of barbecue sauce.

   - Six pieces of roast bacon.

   - A quarter cup of crunchy chopped onion.

   - Two cucumber pickles, sliced.

   - One large tomato, sliced.

   - A bundle of sour lettuce.

   - Crisp.

How to prepare:

   - Put the minced meat in a deep dish, add onions and parsley, and season the meat with salt and pepper.

   - Divide the meat mixture into three sections and form it in circular disks.

   - Grill the meat tablets in a hot skillet and stir them on the sides until the meat is tender.

   - Place a slice of light-flavored cheddar cheese and a slice of strong-flavored cheddar cheese on the face of each disc of meat and leave the cheese pieces to melt.

   - Put a little butter in a large skillet and put the skillet over medium heat until heated, add the bread pieces and roast them for two minutes.

   - Put a large spoonful of smoked sauce on the toast.

   - Place the piece of meat, then the beef bacon, the fried onion, and the slices of pickled cucumber, then the tomato slice, then the lettuce, on top and cover it with the other part of the bread.

Greek Lamb Burger With Yogurt Sauce

Yogurt sauce ingredients:

   - A clove of garlic is small in size.

   - Three tablespoons of fresh and grated mint leaves.

   - Three hundred and forty grams of yogurt.

   - A quarter of a teaspoon of salt.

Burger ingredients:

   - Six loaves of small pita bread.

   - Seven hundred and fifty grams of minced lamb.

   - Red onion, thinly sliced.

   - Two grains of each: sweet green pepper, sliced rings, sliced tomatoes.

   - Half a cup of each of: olives without cut and finely chopped, crumbled feta cheese.

How to prepare:

Chop garlic well and mash it with salt, then put it with yogurt in a small bowl and mix it well.

Heat the grill well with oiling it, put the meat in a bowl and mix it with olive and feta cheese, then divide it into six tablets with a little thickness, season with pepper and salt and mix it well.

Grill burgers in the grill for seven minutes on both sides until they are tender, then put them in bread and add to them: onions, sweet peppers and tomatoes and serve them with sauce.

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