How to create a website

How to create a website

How to create a website

Definition of the website

The website is a (central site), which includes a number of linked web pages, which can be accessed through the main page of the site using a web browser. To visit a specific site, the website address is entered in the address field of the web browser, and this is done. Go to the home page of the website.

 The website differs from what is called a web server, which is a computer device that includes files for a specific website or a group of websites. The website files may be distributed on more than one server. As for the webserver program, it is a computer program that supports the hypertext transfer protocol for Providing website visitors with the files they need, so the relationship between this program and the site visitor is a server-beneficiary relationship.

How to create a website

Several steps must be taken to create a new website and ensure its success. According to ThoughtCo, these steps are summarized as follows:

- Website hosting: In this step, a place is rented to contain the website files.
- Register a domain name for the website: where a domain name is purchased for the website, which is the address that is entered in a web browser to access the site.

- Site planning: These steps include determining the type of website, as well as its form and content.

- Website design: This step is the most complex among the other steps. The person who wants to design the site must be aware of a few things, such as the basics of design, knowledge of the languages ​​used in the design, etc.

- Website publishing: In this step, the website files will be uploaded to the website's host.

- Website promotion and marketing: to increase the number of visitors.

- Regular maintenance of the website: The site must be maintained and updated, if necessary.

Website hosting

Website hosting is the process by which a dedicated place on the web is rented to include the files and resources needed for the website, so these files are contained in a web server for any visitor to access. Web hosting prices vary according to the host and the features and services it provides. There are also several types of web hosting services available. To suit the size of the website, these services include the following:

- Shared hosting service In this type of hosting services, the resources are shared with other subscribers on a server with high specifications, the performance of the website may be affected in the event of pressure on the server caused by other sites. Usually, the cost of this type of hosting service is very low, and this type is suitable for small websites that are not expected to receive a large number of visitors at the same time.

 - Resale hosting service This hosting service is very similar to the shared hosting service, but it is provided with a number of tools that allow the subscriber to resell the space that he rents, and if this is not the goal of the subscriber, it is not preferable to resort to this type of hosting services.

 - Cloud hosting service This service relies on cloud technology to operate websites, where hundreds of computers distributed together work as a single large computer server with super specifications. This type of hosting services differs from the joint hosting service, in that it is able to withstand the great pressures on the websites without the need to close them, and this service depends on the principle of paying for the volume of use only.

 - Private Virtual Server A private virtual server is like an independent computer device, but it reserves its own resources by a separate server, as this independent server contains a number of virtual servers, each of which has its own resources, and thus one website is not affected by another if they are present. On the same machine. Prices for this type of hosting service range from $ 50-200 depending on CPU power, in addition to the chosen RAM capacity.

 - The dedicated server is renting a computer from the hosting company; So that the subscriber can enjoy all its resources without sharing it with any other website. Dedicated server prices start from $ 100, and the cost of employing a system administrator may be added to it if the site owner wants to employ it to ensure the technical tasks of the server. It is preferable to resort to this type of hosting service when receiving a large number of visitors.

 - The hosting service owned in this type of hosting services, the entire space is rented in a hosting company, which provides cooling, security, electrical energy, and an internet connection, provided that the subscriber installs the servers and installs the necessary software on them, for the subscriber, is responsible for his devices. It is not preferable to resort to this type of hosting services if the website is still small and largely inactive.

 - It is worth noting that some companies provide themselves with the necessary hosting service to operate their servers, including space, cooling, electrical power, and an internet connection, in addition to devices, technicians, and others.

Domain name registration

The domain name that the website owner wishes to use is purchased for visitors to the site, and the domain name purchase price ranges between 8-35 dollars annually, and it is purchased from one of the specialized sites to sell it, and some companies that provide hosting services may also provide domain names in the event The subscriber wanted to buy them, and this facilitates the process of managing the site so that the hosting service in addition to the domain name is present on the same account.

Planning the website

The website must be planned before starting its design, and its type will be determined, which in turn influences the design process, as well as how the visitor moves within the site by creating a site map, explaining the structure of the site and its pages in addition to the links that it contains. The website’s planning phase also determines the content of the website, including text, images, videos, and more.

Website design

The website is designed through one of the well-known web design methods, and it can be programmed using website building languages such as the hypertext markup language, the language of the compact models, in addition to the JavaScript language, and as another way, one can resort to a web design software, or content management software that Facilitates the design process.

Publishing the website

The website files are uploaded to the hosting service via one of the tools that the service itself may provide, or via the file transfer protocol, which is supported by most hosting services.

Website Marketing

The website must be marketed if its owner wishes to publicize it and increase the number of its visitors, and a useful way in that is to resort to improving search engines so that people who search for the products or services provided by the website can find it easily through search engines. Website designers may have to make some adjustments to support various search engines, and other means of marketing websites are e-mail, or social media, or they can just advertise them by well-known means.

Website maintenance

The website should be checked before it is published, and then continuously checked; To ensure that it works as required, it can also be updated to keep pace with the latest developments, such as support for modern devices, in addition to different web browsers, and it is preferable to constantly add more content to the site in a way that suits its audience.

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