How to coordinate the colors of men's clothing

How to coordinate the colors of men's clothing

How to coordinate the colors of men's clothing

Coordination of clothing colors

The selection of suitable and comfortable clothes is very important, as it increases one's self-confidence and makes it a point of view, and therefore it is a reason to gain the admiration of others and appear as a distinct, elegant and different person in a special way. Matters related to the selection of comfortable pieces, which are appropriate to one's appropriate dress style, color consistency, and the way to coordinate clothes in an attractive and distinctive way, and some may find it difficult to choose appropriate clothes, which highlight the features of their beautiful bodies and are consistent with their overall appearance, but the matter lies with following Some foundations and tips to facilitate color coordination which will be explained later.

How to coordinate the colors of clothes for men

Choosing the right colors and coordinating stylish clothes for men includes taking into account some important things and paying attention to them, including the following:

Coordination based on skin tone

Skin color is an essential factor that must be taken into account when coordinating the colors of men's clothes, as the color is reflected on the skin and on hair and eyes, by knowing the tone and color of the man's skin depending on the color of the vein, or the way of gold, as follows:

    - Warm Skin: People with warm-toned skin have close veins and veins in green, and their skin tends to yellow or orange.

    - Cold skin: The veins and veins of people with cold skin are blue or purple in tone, and their skin tends to have a pale blue or pink color.

    - Skin color test: Skin tone can be determined under natural light using jewelry; By wearing a silver bracelet on the wrist, and another golden bracelet on the second wrist, then looking at both wrists and watching the color most compatible with the skin color, where gold is consistent with the skin with a warm tone, while silver tends to the other with a warm tone.

Understand the nature of colors to properly format them

After setting the tone of the skin as mentioned previously, the appropriate colors should be determined for it, as warm skin is suitable for warm colors, such as: yellow, red, orange, etc., and the same applies to cold skin as it suits cold colors, such as purple, purple, and real green. Colors can be coordinated based on their symbols and significance, including the following:

    - Red: Red is associated with several meanings, including emotion and excitement, in addition to linking it with danger and aggression as well.

    -Yellow: indicates energy, optimism and hope, but it is the color of jealousy and may symbolize danger.

   - Blue: openness, creativity, spirituality, wisdom and strength as well, and its effect increases when it is associated with a warm color, such as red.

   - Black: It is a symbol of elegance, but it indicates strength, evil, and death.

   - White: symbolizes light, strength, purity, hygiene and safety, and mystery as well.

   - Green: This color refers to nature and the environment, as it symbolizes fertility, growth and health.

Follow the clothing color scheme

There are some rules and standards that a young person can follow to coordinate his clothes appropriately and appropriately, including the following:

  - Wear very dark colors, such as black and navy for formal occasions, spend walks, and get things done.

  - It shows white color and reflects on the skin color very clearly.

  - The yellow color is reflected in the hair, eyes and skin in a clear and distinct way.

  - Opener colors are characterized by their ability to increase the apparent size of their wearers, while dark colors can reduce it and show their wearers a little thinner.

  - Gray, black, or white is more visible to the viewer.

  - Colors can be further clarified and confirmed by repeating a clear milestone for a person in his clothes, such as wearing brown eyes.

Coordinate clothes colors according to seasons

Young people can coordinate their clothes in a nice and spontaneous way, depending on the four seasons and season, as follows:

Vital seasons: They are of two seasons:

  - The winter season, which is a cold season suitable for several colors, including black, clear red, emerald green, sapphire blue, deep lemon yellow.

  - Summer is characterized by its hot climate, and can be coordinated charcoal gray, pink, green near apple, light blue, and light lemon yellow during it.

Warm seasons: The warm seasons include the following two seasons:

  - The autumn season is foliage, and is suitable for wearing dark brown, orange, golden, green-blue, and green olive.

  - The pleasant and pleasant spring season which is suitable for warm beige, shrimp, turquoise, lemon yellow, and bright yellow as well.

Tips when coordinating men's clothes

  There are some tips that are advisable to follow when coordinating clothes for men, including the following:

- Do not exaggerate when wearing clothes and dress up in a stressful and confusing way when the young man wants to go out every time, as some informal clothes can be worn, which may be a little curly but beautiful and appropriate for it.

- Audacity and courage at times when coordinating clothes and going out of the ordinary by wearing clothes and shirts with distinctive, beautiful, and non-traditional prints.

- Using some small elements that add special appeal and style to the young man’s style and clothes, such as wearing a bold sock, or placing a flower on the shirt pocket near the chest area, which is an alternative option to wear the printed and printed clothes in order to appear differently and elegantly.

- White t-shirts and white jeans are a nice choice for men to get out of the ordinary, in addition to the possibility of wearing white sports shoes with some formal clothes in some nice meetings, as most people are accustomed to wearing formal shoes with them, but wearing a simple and elegant athletic shoe will show the young man different and distinctive Also.

- Wear suits that depend on the type and nature of the journey or some meetings, which is optional but characterized by its attractiveness and beauty, in addition to the simplicity of its coordination as it is neutral, and has a uniform color from the top and the bottom, making it easier for the young man to choose a shoe and tie or shirt that suits it and increases its attractiveness, as can be Replace them with formal and bold jackets, and coordinate them with distinction as well.
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