Home swimming pools and their shapes

Home swimming pools and their shapes

Home swimming pools and their shapes

We should not lose sight of the fact that swimming pools are important things in modern homes, which we see in palaces, villas, large hotels, and luxury tourist villages since swimming pools are a type of entertainment inside the house and is used on several different occasions such as they are used for practicing family activities and discussions and the family meets around For dining, guests can also welcome or have a barbecue around.

Certainly, many people prefer swimming pools with a large area, so if you have a large house area with a garden and want to use some of the empty spaces in the garden to create a swimming pool, it is the best idea for large spaces in the houses because it is a great entertainment means and makes the shape of the house beautiful and emits a natural feeling and also helps you in a free confrontation Summer, as well as accommodating more invitees on occasions, placing chairs and furniture in front of it, and decorating the surroundings with trees and landscape.

But if the area of your house is somewhat small and you want to create a swimming pool in the house, there are some suitable designs for setting up a small swimming pool, suitable for small areas in the houses, and chairs can also be placed in front of the swimming pool to enjoy the view in front of you and sit in front of it to spend a beautiful day.

Swimming pools have many different shapes and  such as

- If you are a fan of innovation in designing and decorating your swimming pools, you can implement a different and attractive idea, which is designing a place inside the pool, such as a corner, and placing floating flowers and plants inside it that adds a new and unprecedented decorative touch.

- The swimming pool can be designed with rocks surrounding it, it is a beautiful shape, new design, and not repeated.

- For those of classic elegant taste, the pool shape can be embellished by making the pool walkway from the outside made of wood, with its beautiful designs that give a warm look to the pool shape.

- Swimming pools can be equipped with lighting units in warm colors such as yellow or orange on the walls surrounding the pool for a more upscale and warm atmosphere, as lighting plays a big role in beautifying any place and has its own touch. Details of the shape of your swimming pool and its decor can be shown by choosing lighting Suitable around the pool, especially at night times, increases the beauty of the place, and gives the water a distinctive luster.

- The swimming pool can be in the form of two circles and surrounded by stone floors and drawings on the floors of Dolphin or fish for example, which gives a sense of fun.

- The idea of ​​a waterfall can be implemented in swimming pools where an opening is made in the wall adjacent to the swimming pool and the water rushes to the bathroom in a wonderful way, as well as putting a rib of the pool rib from the pure glass where we see the purity of water and the wonderful color through it while making a decorative touch to put the mist Medium size, next to the pool.

- Swimming pools can be designed in a rectangular shape surrounded by floors of long parquet and there is a wall of stones, which gives luxury to the place.

We must not lose sight of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of swimming pools, where attention must be paid to cleaning them always, cleaning all their tools, swimming tools and filters, and sterilizing them continuously and permanently to preserve the health of your family, especially during the summer, as well as making sure to clean children's games also and cleaning the areas surrounding the pool twice a week At least and take care of the garden as well.

The ideal shape for swimming pools depends on the size of the space available in front of you at home and on the goal that you need for it and the appropriate design for you and for the family and activities that you would like to practice in front of you. Before choosing a decor and design for a swimming pool you must define your life conditions and the design that suits you and uses for it to facilitate the movement process.
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